{ cosplay sweatshop }

Mugiboogie and I cosplayed as Dingo and Ken from Zone of the Enders thus past weekend! (don’t mind my Aversa in that one photo )

Mugiboogie and I have been crazy busy with a lot of stuff recently, but here’s what we’re working on for Anime Weekend Atlanta.

Dingo Egret and Ken Marinaris from Zone of the Enders the 2nd Runner.

We also have some other projects we’re working on so stay tuned. :D

Genderbent Matoi Ryuko at MetroCon 2014

Hope it was worth the wait! This concludes the awesome weekend we had at MetroCon. Please comment on the video if you were in it so I can tag you!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated. I am sure it was quite stressful and awkward for most of you, but in the end, I walked out with some incredible footage!

After the three day weekend, I sat down and I noticed I had MORE FOOTAGE
than I needed. So this weekend I will be compiling a SECOND music video!

I’ll make a more formal announcement when I finish all two, but the first one is up!

Ask not the sparrow how the eagle raves!

LMAO bless the friends that made this pic possible


Here are some lovely Fire Emblem cosplays I found while I was Lucina on Saturday. Thank you everyone who let me take their picture! Contact me and I’ll credit!

Olivia - leppa-berries